10 Things to do in Langkawi, Malaysia

For such a small island, Langkawi really has a lot to offer. Here’s a list of 10 things to do and see. There’s beautiful beaches, great food, stunning scenery and wildlife, and a few tourist attractions.

This is an island where you can either relax and soak up the atmosphere or you can find plenty keep you occupied. There’s a bit of something for everyone. We were there for 20 days and still there’s even more things we still want to see!

1. Cenang Beach

Pantai Cenang sign

Cenang beach is the most crowded beach in Langkawi for a reason, it’s beautiful no matter what time of day you visit. You’ll easily be able to find a spot to relax on this long stretch of beach with soft white sand.

If you don’t have much money to spend, you can relax on the beach and enjoy swimming in the warm water during the day and take in a fire show at night.

Pantai Cenang with palm trees
Sunset on Cenang Beach

If you have a lot of cash, you can hire a jetski, go parasailing, challenge your friends to a banana boat ride, hire a chair for the day and get a front row seat to watch a fire show while sipping a cold beer in the evening.

Fire Show at Pantai Cenang Beach
Night Fire Show at Cenang Beach

Cenang beach is about a 15 minute drive from the Langkawi Airport.

2. Raya Mountain – Gunung Raya

View from the top of Raya Mountain
View from the top of Raya Mountain

Gunung Raya is the highest mountain in Langkawi. Not only do you get great views from the top, but the ride up is beautiful! The road winds through a forest that is home to a lot of wildlife, including many birds and different monkeys.

Cloudy at the top of Raya Mountain
Feeding a cat at the top of Raya Mountain in front of what should be an amazing view on a sunny day.

We went up on a scooter and highly recommend taking the mountain this way. One of the days we went up was a rainy one, but the ride up was an amazing and eerie experience! Probably better to go on a sunny day if you want to enjoy the view.

Going up Raya Mountain
Riding up Raya Mountain on a rainy day

Be careful not to stop too long to look at the Macaque monkeys because they can get angry. This group of Macaque monkeys pictured started screaming at us when we stopped to take a photo. As we took off in terror, we looked behind and saw a bunch of angry monkeys running behind us from both sides of the road.

Monkeys on Raya Mountain
Some monkeys on Raya Mountain

We were also lucky enough to see two groups of Dusky Leaf Monkeys (the ones with black and white faces). They are very shy and although they ran across a wire above us, we weren’t able to get a good picture. They were just amazing to watch though.

You’d mainly go up this mountain for the trip and the view. The very top is part of a telecommunications company, so there isn’t anything else to do up there. There might be a restaurant at the top, but it was closed due to renovations when we were there. Make sure you take plenty of water and a few snacks, but don’t let the monkeys see them.

It doesn’t cost anything to go up the Raya Mountain except for the cost of hiring a scooter and a few dollars worth of fuel.

3. Seven Wells Waterfall

View from Seven Wells Waterfall
View from the Seven Wells Waterfall

This waterfall was so amazing that we forgot to take pictures! We’re will definitely go back again when we visit Langkawi.

We took a scooter and parked in the carpark at the bottom, which cost about 1 MYR. We then walked up quite a lot of steps past another waterfall before reaching the Seven Wells Waterfall. Once you get there, you’ll be so glad you made the effort.

The water is icy cold. But once you get over that, you’ll find so many pools of water to swim in. There are also little areas with rushing water that you can slide down like a waterslide. Be careful with this, as you can get quite bruised from bumping into the rocks.

We definitely recommend visiting this place and make sure you wear your bathers and take a towel.

Little waterfall before Seven Wells Waterfall
The first waterfall on the way up the Seven Wells Waterfall

We checked out the first waterfall on the way down and there was lots of people swimming there. It’s definitely better for people with smaller kids because it is mainly one big swimming hole, so there’s less chance of them climbing on rocks and slipping.

There are restaurants selling food, drink, and ice cream at the bottom where you can relax afterwards. And for goodness sake, beware of the monkeys. Don’t touch them, feed them, or get too close to them. They’re extremely cheeky and rude.

Apart from the cost of parking, entry was free.

4. Sky Bridge and Sky Cab

Being on a budget, we decided not to visit this attraction, but we could see the Sky Cab from the Seven Wells Waterfall and it looked like the views would be amazing.

You can read more about the Sky Cab here. Prices start at 55 MYR per adult. You can pay more to go in the express lane and to experience a glass bottomed cable car. The ride up takes 15 minutes.

It seems like this experience would take a whole day, as the Sky Cab tickets also include entrance to the Sky Dome, Sky Rex, and 3D Art Langkawi. There’s also a Sky Trail package for those who like walking.

Below is a video from some YouTubers we follow, so you can get more of an idea what it’s like. This might also give you an understanding of why we didn’t go there. You can skip through the video and see their experience with the Cable Cars, the Sky Glide, and the Sky Bridge.

The Sky Bridge at the top will set you back another 5 MYR. If you’ve already taken the Sky Cab up, it’s probably worthwhile forking out another few dollars to take a look at the world’s longest free span curved bridge, even if it’s just for the bragging rights. Also, you can take pictures of yourself standing on the glass sections if you’re brave!

HOWEVER, to get to the Sky Bridge, you either need to walk from the top station of the Sky Cab, or you need to pay another 10 MYR to take the Sky Glide. This ride only takes two minutes and tickets are sold at the top station.

I’m sure this whole adventure would be breathtaking and worthwhile, but the extra fees for each step of the way was what put us off. Definitely something to put on your list if you want the whole tourist experience!

5. Tanjung Rhu Beach

Lari at Tanjung Rhu Beach
Near the scooter parking at Tanjung Rhu

We discovered this beautiful beach by accident, but it’s worth visiting on purpose.

Tanjung Rhu Beach close up
The water and view from Tanjung Rhu Beach

There’s less tourists around because it’s on the other side of the island from Pantai Cenang. It’s also clean and peaceful. The food and drinks there are reasonably priced, and the sunsets are stunning. Swimming is possible, but be careful of currents.

Panorama of Tanjung Rhu Beach
Panorama of Tanjung Rhu Beach

At this location, you can also take a crocodile tour through the mangroves. You could easily spend a whole day there.

Crocodile boat tours on Tanjung Rhu
Crocodile Mangrove Tours near Tanjung Rhu

Parking was free. If you travel there by car, you will have to walk a bit of a way from the carpark. However, if you go on a scooter, you can ride all the way down to the restaurants at the front of the beach and park behind the food place on the left.

6. Night Markets

The Pekan Kuah night market is only open on Wednesday nights (and maybe Saturdays). There’s plenty of snack food to buy there, especially if you’re into fried food and donuts, which is always good once in a while.

It was raining when we went, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the food. There were also tables undercover next to the markets, so we at least had somewhere to enjoy our dinner.

There is also a night market on Thursday near Cenang Beach, which you can read more about in my Langkawi food post here. I’ve put the Google Maps link below.

Every night in Pantai Cenang there is a food truck street. You’ll be able to find all sorts of cheap and delicious food there, including amazing burgers, fresh fruit, noodle dishes, economy rice, and much more!

7. Enjoy the cheap food and drinks!

Cheap Beer in Langkawi
Cheap beer and cider

Alcohol and chocolates in Langkawi are cheap because it’s duty free. Take a look in any of the duty free shopping centers and grab yourself a bargain!

The best food is often found at local restaurants a little way out of the tourist areas. I’ve written a post on 11 great places to eat in Langkawi, so make sure you check that out if you’re into food.

One of our favorite restauranst for great tasting cheap and huge dishes was called Restoran Kak Tie Nasi Campur. They didn’t serve alcohol there, but they did have a large variety of cheap iced drinks. The food was the cheapest we found anywhere in Malaysia and the portion sizes are massive. Their Kuah Soup was delicious and spicy.

There was also a burger stall that served some of the most delicious burgers. For proper meals, we’d recommend going around 6:30-7PM because they tend to serve only economy rice earlier in the day.

If you want to go a bit more fancy, we really liked El Toro Mexican Bar. The tacos were 5 MYR each and were delicious. The setting was also pretty nice. They had some tables upstairs under the stars that gave great views of the streets below.

8. Langkawi Eagle Square – Dataran Lang

The Langkawi Eagle
The Langkawi Eagle

Langkawi got its name from the eagle, so it’s only natural that one of their main attractions would be a MASSIVE eagle surrounded by beautiful fountains and terraces.

While walking around Langkawi, be on the lookout for the White Bellied Sea Eagle, it’s really beautiful to see. We saw them at various locations around the island.

The Eagle Square is located next to Kuah Jetty, so would be a pretty place to hang out any time of day. However, there is a lot of cement around and not much cover, so it can get pretty hot in the sun. I would recommend visiting in the evening so you can appreciate the lighting and water features all around the eagle.

Just be aware of the prohibited things on this sign below.

Sign at the Langkawi Eagle
These things are prohibited in Langkawi Eagle Square

There were also children riding around in little mini scooters and cars, so I’m not sure if you can hire them or not. Entry is free.

9. Duty Free Shopping in Kuah

Kuah is a shopaholic’s dream. There aren’t really any good sights to see here as far as beaches, but you can shop ’til you drop in one of the many duty free shopping centers.

Kuah is not our place of preference to stay, just because there isn’t really anywhere to swim. But if you’re looking to go shopping, it’s worth a visit.

10. Discover

Scooter we hired on Langkawi
Our trusty scooter

For those who don’t like to plan, one of the best things you can do is hire a scooter and just ride around the island. You can get around the whole island in a day, or you can do little day trips from wherever you’re staying.

A scooter will cost you around 30 MYR per day, and petrol is cheap.

Views from moped langkawi
Riding around the streets of Langkawi

There’s so many little laneways to ride down and local areas to check out. Keep an eye out for local food and drink stalls on the side of the road. We found the BEST fluffy donuts while just riding around the island.

We also found empty beaches.

Not to mention the amazing scenery along the way.

Langkawi from the moped
Beautiful green Langkawi

We also rode past a few wildlife parks that looked really interesting, including Langkawi Wildlife Park – we just went into the entry way and saw the macaws. Everyone who bought a ticket got to have their photo taken with the birds, and there were more macaws just inside the entry as well. It looked like it might be an interactive place and enjoyable for children.

We’ve still got more to see next time, including the Durian Perangin Waterfall! Let us know what your favourite things were! And if you’re visiting Malaysia for the first time, check out my 5 things I wish I knew before visiting Malaysia.

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