100 MYR Food Budget For Three Days in Malaysia

It was coming to the end of our stay in Pantai Cenang, Langkawi, and we only had 100 MYR left (about $24 US). So, we decided to set ourselves the challenge to make the 100 MYR last for the two of us for three days for food and drinks.

At the same time, we wanted to make sure we enjoyed ourselves and didn’t miss out on anything good. So, here’s how we went. I’ll warn you beforehand that we weren’t going for the healthiest options here. You only live once, right?

Day 1 Total Cost: 27.7 MYR (6.69 USD)

Breakfast: 5 MYR (1.21 USD).
Lunch: 4.5 MYR (1.09 USD).
Dinner: 8 MYR (1.93 USD)
Alcohol: 8.7 MYR (2.10 USD)
Water: 1.5 MYR (0.36 USD)

Teh Tarik (Frothy milk tea)
Teh Tarik (frothy milk tea)

For breakfast, we ordered two plain roti cenai which come with curry and were 1 MYR each. We also got a roti milk for something sweet. This is roti and condensed milk and butter. This cost us 1.5 MYR. We also ordered a teh tarik, which is a frothy delicious tea. This cost us 1.5 MYR.

Roti cenai and roti milk
Roti cenai and roti milk

For a light lunch, we got chicken rice for 2.5 MYR and some little snacks that were 3 for 1 MYR.

Lunch of chicken rice and little snacks
Lunch of chicken rice and little snacks

The lady serving the snacks was very patient and her and one of the customers were very kind in telling us what each fried thing was. I don’t know the technical names, but we ended up getting two meat ones, one sweet potato curry puff, one coconut and prawn ball, a sweet corn one, and a sweet coconut one.

Dinner was one of the best beef burgers we’ve ever had for 4 MYR.

Beef burger
Beef burger

We also got a plate of economy rice with vegetables and a mix of curry sauces for 4 MYR.

Economy rice and vegetables for dinner
Dinner economy rice

Then for a bit of late night enjoyment, we got some beer and cider from one of the duty free shops. Beer number one, that we don’t recommend (there’s such a thing as too cheap) was a Johnason’s 300ml for 1.7 MYR. Beer number two was a Carlsberg for 3.1 MYR. I got a Somersby citrus cider for 3.9 MYR.

Johnason's cheap beer
Cheap beer that also tastes cheap

We also filled up our water bottles at a refill station for 0.20 MYR per liter and spent 1.5 MYR for 7.5 liters.

Day 2 Total Cost: 29.80 MYR (7.20 USD)

Breakfast: 8 MYR (1.93 USD)
Lunch: 7.80 MYR (1.88 USD)
Dinner: 5 MYR (1.21 USD)
Snacks and Drinks: 9 MYR (2.17 USD)

For breakfast we shared a bowl of fruit and yogurt for 8 MYR.

Fruit and yogurt for breakfast
Fruit and yogurt

Then we headed up the road and got an Oreo milkshake for 9 MYR. I’m not sure why they start their sizing with a medium, clever marketing, but the XL is massive. This one was delicious.

Coconut shake stand
Milkshake stand

For a light lunch, we decided to be unhealthy and go to KFC for a Loaded Go Bowl for 3.90 MYR each.

KFC Loaded Go Bowl
KCF Loaded Go Bowl

For dinner, we shared a beef roti john for 5 MYR.

Beef roti john
Beef roti john

Day 3 Total Cost: 32.21 MYR (7.78 USD)

Breakfast: 5 MYR (1.21 USD)
Lunch: 6.16 MYR (1.49 USD)
Dinner: 11.80 MYR (2.85)
Water: 1 MYR (0.24 USD)
Snacks and Drinks: 8.25 MYR (1.99 USD)

Chicken with yellow rice and and egg
Chicken rice

We filled up our water at the refill station and got 5 liters for 1 MYR. Then we shared a late breakfast of chicken (ayam) rice for 5 MYR.

Kaya bread and butter
Kaya bread and butter and a hot chocolate

We wanted to sit somewhere with air-conditioning because it was a really hot day, so we headed to one of the Old Town White Coffee shops and ordered some kaya bread and butter for 4.95 MYR and a super delicious hot chocolate for 3.30 MYR. Food was a little more expensive there, but the atmosphere was nice.

Old Town White Coffee order card for hot chips
Order card at Old Town White Coffee

We stayed longer than we thought we would, so we also had to order some fries. To order, you have to fill in a little piece of paper. We asked them to bring some sauce because we noticed that not everyone ate their chips with sauce.

Hot chips with tomato and chili sauce
Our chips with tomato and chili sauce

For dinner, we decided we really wanted to end on a local note, so got ourselves a huge plate of kuey teow goreng for 4 MYR and some salt and pepper squid for 6 MYR. We also got an iced tea for 1.8 MYR. Delicious!

Kuey teow goreng and salt and pepper squid
Kuey teow goreng and salt and pepper squid

So what did we spend in total over three days?

Our total cost on food and drinks for the two of us was 89.70 MYR (21.66 USD)
So we could have got a few more beers or cold drinks! Not to mention the 0.50 MYR donuts on the side of the road that I keep eyeing off. But we’ll save that for next time.

Keep in mind that the prices shown in USD are only current at the time of posting. Also, the two of us tended to share meals early in the day because the heat made us less hungry. We found that there was a lot more variety of food around at night, so we tended to snack on littler things until dinner time and then have a big hot meal at night when the air was hopefully a little cooler.

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