4 Great Food Markets in Ho Chi Minh

When we travel, we love to try out as much local food as we can. We try to find a good mix of local places and places that have decent seating and friendly faces. Here’s our four favourite food markets to eat in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

1. Local Breakfast Markets

When: Early morning until midday

Ho Chi Minh local breakfast markets
Ho Chi Minh local breakfast markets

We got the cheapest bun thit nuong here for 25,000VND. We also got free cold tea on some days. We generally don’t accept free things, because often in Vietnam they aren’t free. So we only take it if we’re prepared to pay. But here, the tea was actually free.

Bun thit nuong
Bun thit nuong

These markets were very local. We were literally the only foreigners there. Depending which side you enter from, you may have to walk through their fresh produce market. We avoided the meat and fish section, as it can get a bit whiffy.

2. Local Evening Markets

When: 6pm until 11pm

Banh Mi at the night market street
Banh Mi at the night market street

This street has arguably the best banh mi and cheapest pho around the city. These markets were right next to where we found the morning markets. The street is dark, but don’t let that put you off. There are a lot of locals zooming through on mopeds to pick up their dinner. There are seats right behind the vendors and a little undercover. We ate there many times, and on rainy nights. It’s right next to a busy roundabout and we felt quite safe there.

3. Asiana Food Town

When: 10am until 9pm.

Some comfortable seating in Asiana Food Town
Some comfortable seating in Asiana Food Town

This is a more luxury food market, with air-conditioning, WiFi, and HEAPS of seating.

The prices are a bit more than the more local locations, but are still reasonable. And it’s easy to find a huge variety of delicious food there. I’ve written a whole post on this food market because we ended up hanging out there a lot.

4. Benh Thanh Street Food Market

When: Evenings

Outside Benh Tanh Street Food Market
Outside Benh Tanh Street Food Market

This one is a bit further away from the backpacker area and Bui Vein street, but good if you’re up for a nice walk in a balmy evening. It is the most pricey of all the markets listed here.

The market itself is open at the front, so the only cooling is fans. There is plenty of seating, but it can get quite packed with tourists, which means it can also get quite hot inside.

BBQ Pork Bun and beer at Benh Tanh Street Food Markets

There is an upstairs seating area at the back that not many people seem to find for some reason, so if you want a bit more elbow room, head up there.

Until next time, peace and good times to you all ✌

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