9 Amazing Local Dishes In Hanoi

We tried a lot of delicious food while in Hanoi, but here’s some of our favourite ones that we recommend everyone try at least once!

Bun Cha

Average cost: 30K VND

bun cha meal with rice noodles

Bun cha is an amazing Hanoi dish. You normally get a big plate of fresh rice noodles, a bowl of nuoc cham sauce with sliced carrot and papaya and grilled pork in it, and a basket of greens to add on top. You can also mix in garlic and chilli if you want, which we normally did.

Banh Cuon Ky Dong: Steam rolls

Steam rolls in hanoi

These rolls are surprisingly good. I initially thought they’d be rubbery, but they’re really melt in your mouth. It’s really interesting watching how they’re made too. A plate is put over a boiling saucepan of water and then the wrapping mixture is slopped on top and covered. After a short time, the cover is removed and then the mixture is peeled off and wrapped around the filling.

Steam rolls being made
Steam rolls being made

It’s served with a dipping sauce and topped with dried onions and coriander. Delicious.

Egg Coffee

Egg coffee surrounded by flowers
A fancy egg coffee

Hanoi is famous for its egg coffee, so of course you have to give it a try. The prices can range from 30K VND to 80K VND. We tried a couple of egg coffees around Hanoi, but surprisingly the best one we tried was actually in Ho Chi Minh. I wrote a post about it here.

Banh Mi

Banh Mi

We’ve been very cautious with banh mi after one of us got super sick in Ho Chi Minh after eating one. We found an awesome place in Hanoi called V-Sandwich Eatery. Our favourites were the egg and cheese, the vegan banh mi, and the chicken banh mi.

Pho Tiu Ba Phuong

Pho noodle dish.

We found this dish randomly while walking along the street. It was all locals eating there, so we figured we’d give it a try and were glad we did. Unlike other places, you don’t order your meal from these guys because they only serve the one dish.

Noodles in the pho dish
This is what the noodles look like

You just sit down and they bring you a bowl of food. It’s noodles and meat topped with coriander and peanuts and served in a delicious sauce that we couldn’t describe even after eating this dish multiple times. I guess the best we can come up with is a sweet and slightly spicy barbecue sauce.

Shami Shami

Shami shami meal

This was the first thing we ate when we arrived in Hanoi, and we really enjoyed it. You get to pick your own type of noodles. The restaurant itself is a bit cute, and there’s seating upstairs.

Shami Shami restaurant.

Coconut sugar rolls

Coconut sugar roll

We saw this guy walking around with a stand that said Bo Bia on it. We had no idea what that was, but we saw a lot of locals ordering it, so we thought we’d give it a try. And we were glad we did!

We watched as the guy put down two thin crepes and filled them with blocks of crispy sweet stuff, freshly grated coconut meat and a some black sesame seeds. Before wrapping, he added some drops of something as well. We expected this to be really dry, and it was, but it was surprisingly tasty and light to eat. It cost 10K VND and was well worth it.

Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut ice cream vendor

We were lucky enough to find a guy walking around selling coconut ice cream really cheap. He sold it to locals and tourists for between 20K-30K VND.

He would scoop the flesh of the coconut loose so you could eat the fresh coconut too. He then scooped ice cream into the coconut and topped it with chocolate and condensed milk and peanuts. It was so awesome and refreshing.

Delicious coconut ice cream

Fruit and Jelly Desserts

Fruit and jelly dessert

These cost 30K VND and included jelly, a mixture of fruits, yoghurt, condensed milk and ice. It was actually really delicious.

Fruit and jelly dessert ingredients

Until next time, peace and good times to you all ✌

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