About Lari

Hey everyone! I’m Lari.

I’m just your average Sri Lankan Australian adoptee who loves dogs and life and misses her mum deeply. I love to write poems and sing in the shower.

I’ve written poetry for as long as I can remember as a way to express my emotions, tell my stories, and sometimes just have a bit of a laugh.

Some of my life experiences include adoption, getting dux in school and uni, losing my dear mother and best friend at age 16, marriage, divorce, travel, stepping away from the religion of my upbringing, isolation from my family, meeting my biological relations, and more!

My partner and I are what some would call a mixed couple. We might look a little different, but we have so much in common. Our second most used phrase to each other is, “I was just about to say that!”

If I could pick two things that I could make a difference to before I leave they would be:

Dogs and animals

I would love to rescue them all if I could. Travelling through different countries made me realize that not everyone sees dogs the same as I do. Different cultures have different views. I would love to see shelters for dogs and local education programs set up to help these amazing creatures that are so neglected in different countries around the world.

I hope one day everyone will understand that when we help a dog, we get so much more in return. Dogs can do so much for us physically and emotionally. I think dogs are the best of humanity sometimes.

If I can rescue/foster a few dogs and change the world for them, I will be happy.

Check out my doggo spoken word poem to see some of my feelings on this.


I know I won’t be the bringer of world peace, but I want to always stand up for equality. I think we all have a responsibility to speak out when we see something that isn’t right. And if we want a different world, we also have to get out there and march alongside our fellow human beings when they stand up for themselves. All lives matter.

I hope to keep doing little things for my fellow human beings throughout my journey of life. I know I probably won’t change anyone’s life, but I’d like to try to brighten their day sometimes and let them know that they are important and they do matter.

Some poems I’ve written on this topic include I Want To Be So Equal, Pack An Empty Suitcase, and Picking Up The Pieces.