Be More

I wrote this poem about those who aren’t valued enough in society. Let’s all look out for each other and lift each other up.

I am more than a refugee. I am a child who has come here alone
A civilian with no country, a mother without a family, a father who has no home
I have come here looking for a new start, my only possession, a broken heart.
Just wanting the freedom to be me, but all you can do is throw fiery darts.

I am more than my colour. In this kaleidoscope world, none is better than the other
Because we are all part of one beautiful whole, made of sisters and brothers.
Have you ever admired the rainbow? All the colours working together in harmony
If one colour took over in superiority, we would miss the vibrant beauty.
I am more than red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, violet or blue,
Seven colours, seven continents, we all have the same value.

I am more than homeless. I feel the cold, the wind, the sun, the heat.
The broken glass under my bare feet.
Our hearts beat the same while you sit in your warm house and I lie on the concrete.

I am more than depression. You call me weak, but I am strong
For pushing on in a fast-food world where I feel I don’t belong.
My suicide is a sign that I have been let down by a consumeristic society
Buzzing with gluttony like flies around a hunk of meat, oblivious to me suffering silently.

I am more than a cancer patient. The sterile rooms and manufactured dreams, the potions
Administered by sleepwalking professionals going through the motions,
Will not define me. I am fierce. Don’t look at me in pity
Live with me, laugh with me, sing with me, dance with me.

Drowning ourselves in labels and magic pills so nobody has to think
About their problems. Giving numbers instead of names, blaming it on the drink
Blaming our neighbours, the immigrants, the politicians that we voted for. We are better than this.
Behind our walls of Gigabytes we lay down lightening judgement, and dismiss
The fact that change must start here. Growing thru knowing that we are more than religions and lifestyle decisions
We are more than our illness, status, colour, positions. We are people with vision
Of a world with no divisions, where I have the right to be free, to be loved, to be cared for,
Where we do not ignore those on the ground and all around, the little and the poor because they too are more.
And all I ask for is that you explore what it is that I stand for. And so I implore you to look for the good in me.
Throw off the chains of resentment and restore humanity and dignity. Have a little empathy.

Let’s lift each other up and fly together. Let’s soar
And let’s not be spoken for, let us each one of us be heard, let us roar.
Let’s not suppress love or kindness anymore
And together, let’s all be more.

– Lari

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