Climate change: Fact or fiction?

Warning: this post is more philosophical than based on facts because what even are facts anymore? The internet and our world is full of information, so how do we determine fact from fiction?

How do we know anything is true?

We certainly all know that we can’t trust everything we read on the internet, including all of my posts.

Wherever there’s an opinion one way, there’s an opinion the other, and it’s not hard to find ‘facts’ on the never ending web to justify your opinion whatever it is. For example, here’s a more extreme opinion from one of my climate change posts.

Angry social media comment about climate change

It is my opinion that we’re much more likely to experience death by emotional debaters each demanding their issue is the most important one (go vegan, instal solar, improve farming, it’s a conspiracy, don’t buy plastic, make plastic out of something else, get rid of oil, stop using electricity, etc) than we are to solve the climate crisis.

Boxed water is better carton being poured out

Information overload: What do we trust?

I’ve written a post on understanding the climate crisis, and there is a lot of information there that I found online. However, there’s a lot of information to argue the opposite. I could just as easily write a post on how climate change is fiction if I wanted to.

The truth is, we don’t know for sure that anything is 100% true if we haven’t seen it and experienced it for ourselves.

Another fact is that facts change. Pluto was a planet, and then it wasn’t the Earth was flat, and then it wasn’t. We weren’t sorry, and then we were (that one applies to Australia).

Truth is whatever we believe it to be

With information overload and so much conflicting information around, it all comes down to what we’re more aligned with morally and ethically.

Every one of us has a different life experience and every one of us has our own truths.

These are things I know to be true from my own personal experience:

  • There are cities with visible smog in them that isn’t nice to breathe.
  • Plastic is in many oceans in South East Asia and make it unpleasant to swim in, smell, and look at.
  • Litterbugs are everywhere wherever I’ve been in the world (Australia, Europe, and Asia)
  • People will never agree on anything, ever. There’s even going to be people who disagree with me on this point. Enough said.

The big questions

Let’s assume there is absolutely no way for you as an individual to know for sure if there really is a climate crisis. Here’s some questions to ask yourself:

Are you okay with the 50% chance that your consumerist behaviours might be contributing to keeping others in the world in extreme poverty?

Are you okay with the chance that your plastic waste could cause a lot of suffering or end the life of another animal or sea creature?

Are you okay with eating meat regardless of whether or not it came from an animal that was killed? And do you care about how the animal was killed or its quality of life?

The big question is, are you okay with the 50% chance that climate change is real? Are you okay with us doing nothing and then suddenly being faced with extreme climate events that kill a lot of us and the beautiful nature around us?

And finally, what harm is it really going to do to you if you give up a few extra things in your life now to make the earth a better place?

The fact is, it’s completely up to you what you believe and what you choose to do or not do. Or is it?

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