Foster Cat Toby

Our second foster cat was a friendly cat. He was lovely! Unfortunately/fortunately he found a new home very quickly and is now living his best life with lots of cuddles.

Toby grey and white cat looking at the camera
AgeApprox 4 years
Gender Male
Time Fostered 3 weeks
Breed Domestic Short Hair: Grey and White

Toby was very cuddly and smoochy. He purred pretty much as soon as we touched him. He lost A LOT of hair all the time, so I had to brush him regularly and I sneezed a lot.

Toby sleeping in his bed on the first night
Toby sleeping in his bed on the first night

On the first night, he meowed A LOT. We had Jefferson in the bathroom, and he was very curious. Jefferson had already come out to see Toby about 4 times. But we shut them in their separate rooms overnight and both of them wouldn’t be quiet all night.

In the morning, I carried Toby in to Jefferson’s room, but they both hissed at each other, so Toby went back into his caboodle (which is the word for the big cat cage we’re borrowing).

Me in the middle of setting up the caboodle for Toby
Me in the middle of setting up the caboodle for Toby

After a week or so though, Jefferson and Toby got used to each other. And then they got super close and became best buddies. Even though we had about 5 beds lying around, they’d both keep smooshing into the cat carrier together. This meant we could pat Toby right in front of Jefferson and it also made patting Jefferson easier too. He could see us patting Toby and wasn’t so worried about us.

Toby and Jefferson together in the cat carrier
Toby and Jefferson together in the cat carrier

Toby would come up to me while I was working and put his paws up to be picked up for a cuddle. I’d pat my knee and he’d jump up and settle on my lap. He was such a good boy. If I was ever going to adopt a cat, I’d want one just like Toby.

He was so funny and made us smile a lot. He’d just drape himself on your lap and fall asleep no matter what you were doing. He was also so well mannered and polite for a cat.

In the third week, he got adopted. I was SUPER sad about that. He was such a sweetie. But I was also happy for him that he was going somewhere to be loved. It also meant that we were down one cat and I would sneeze less. And we are a step closer to being able to foster a dog again, which is what my partner really wants.

Toby looking around the bench

On the plus side, Toby showed my partner and I the good side of cats. I loved him and my partner liked him. I caught them cuddling quite a few times!

Toby waiting to meet his new foster family
Toby waiting to meet his new foster family

I’ve had contact from Toby’s new foster family and they’re completely in love with him. I’m so happy to hear that he’s fully part of the family and very loved! 🐾😻

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