Fostering A One Year Old Bull Arab: Bailey

Bailey was our longest foster yet, and really found a place in our hearts. He was such a funny, sweet boy who made us laugh every day.

Bailey sitting on the grass
Age1 year old
Gender Male
Time Fostered3-4 months
Breed Bull Arab

We don’t know Bailey’s entire history. But we do know that he was in foster care in Port Hedland, then adopted and flown to Perth, and then driven down to us to be in foster care. So, Bailey had already seen a lot of Western Australia before his first birthday!

We had actually applied to foster a different dog, but the rescue really needed somewhere for Bailey. So, we had no idea if we were in for a friendly dog or an aggressive dog or what he would be like!

Bailey with a Christmas cookie

Turns out, he was the sweetest, funniest boy ever!

Morgan and Bailey lying on the ground together

So, we put all our effort into training him the best we could. Although we have had no formal training on how to train dogs ourselves. So, we were all learning as we went.

Bailey was a super smart dog, who learned so much in his time with us. By the time he was adopted, he knew sit, down, come, stay, speak, drop it, back it up, crawl, and get your lead. He also knew how to play hide and seek, jump through a hoop, and play balloon together.

We also found out he was a complete water baby.

We had some really beautiful moments with Bailey, and some really stressful ones.

Bailey destroying a lamb teddy bear
Bailey with his favourite teddy that he chewed the ears off of

At the end of the day, we aren’t qualified dog trainers, and Bailey definitely had issues with being around other dogs. Walking him was stressful for us because other off-lead dogs would often run up to him and I’d have to go chase them while my partner tried to pull Bailey away. We didn’t quite know how to deal with that and we didn’t want Bailey to get into an incident with another dog that would have gotten him in trouble. So, we had to send Bailey to a rescue who had qualified trainers on hand to help him progress further.

Morgan and Bailey in the pool
Morgan and Bailey in the pool

But overall, we’re so thankful we got to be a part of his journey and that he has a forever home now where he’s very loved.

After this foster experience, we feel very fondly towards Bull Arab dogs. If Bailey was anything to go by, they’re big beautiful boofas with enormous hearts. 💕🐾

Bailey in the water
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