I Want To Be So Equal 2019

This spoken word poem is about equality in today’s society.

I want to be so equal that once I earn the title, I get to have a say.

I want to be so equal that the shame isn’t on me for noticing my lower pay.

I want to be so equal that I’m not just here to fill your yearly quotas while the status quo remains the same, unchanged.

I want to be so equal that my age doesn’t mean a thing. Give me the chance, I’ll show you how I work like a machine. You’ll see it makes no difference if I’m fifty or sixteen.

I want to be so equal that my ethnicity isn’t a factor in the judgement of innocent or guilty.

I want to be so equal that my skin, my age, my gender don’t limit my skills or opportunities.

I want to be so equal that I don’t need to be proud of my color, culture, or femininity because it’s just seen as normal in today’s society.

You say we are the same, but tell me why, after a few thousand years there are still firsts for minorities, and who gives you the authority to vote on my personal rights? 

And while you’re so proud for elevating my freedom to new heights, I’m still having to fight because laws don’t change minds.

Good intentions are everywhere, but great actions are hard to find. Words are cheap, show me your house, I’ll show you mine. 

And somehow still you’re surprised, because although you see it with your own eyes you’d rather live in denial because even after a thousand years of proving our worth with blood, sweat and tears, deep down you still feel we don’t belong. 

And through the generations, we’ve realised there’s nothing we can say or do to prove you wrong, when the system is against us all along. 

The hate is still hidden behind politics and religion. And change is forbidden because you are afraid, and it’s not about orientation, gender, or race, it’s about keeping your place. But there’s room for us all in this space. 

So, you can choose to keep playing the same old song on repeat over and over and over driving us to insanity, or together, we can write a new symphony where one group doesn’t dictate the tune and the melody. This is one we can sing in harmony, 

Because we don’t want to fight hate with hate, all we want is to educate so you can relate and together we can be part of the mitigation of this systemic separation through love and liberation in all generations.

And instead of just tolerance we’re calling for a celebration and a conjugation of race, religion, and nations. Because you see, I don’t want to take. I want to give you the last piece of me so it can be preserved as part of humanity. 

I want no one to have to feel lucky to get an opportunity because we all have true equality. 

So let me ask you this: if you aren’t sexist, agist, homophobic or racist, why do we still see male dominated superiority, consumerism next to extreme poverty, abuse of human rights under religious authority, white supremacy, discrimination against the minorities? 

Now, these might not be things you say, but do you understand and stand with us today? Or are you just a bystander, not willing to join the outsiders? Do you really think the world has changed? Well if I’m so equal, why do I still feel this way? 

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