Love Is A Bag Of Cat Food

I am very fond of cats and dogs, and all animals really. Everywhere we travel, I end up feeding local animals and somehow they keep ending up at our door/in our room. My partner on the other hand, does not like strange animals being around. And that’s how this poem started…

Love is shelling out for a bag of cat food when you hate cats.
And you don’t care to feed those little monsters, but for her, you do just that.

Love is giving up over half your cupboard for all the clothes she doesn’t need. And then spending four hours with her on an op shopping spree.
Love is then sitting down for a home fashion show, and back to the op shop with all the clothes that were a no.

Love is waking up in the morning and kissing his sleepy head
And then both wishing straight away you kept breath mints by the bed

Love is telling her she looks beautiful 100 times, because it’s never enough to say she just looks good or fine.

Love is letting that disgusting cat into your home
And trying to get some sleep when the damn thing won’t leave you alone.

Love is lying in bed freezing because he’s too hot and wants the Aircon
So even though it’s the middle of summer, you sleep with your trackies on.

Love is turning off the fan and sleeping in a puddle of sweat
Love is cuddling him at night even though his back is all wet.

Love is waking up with hairy legs and not being afraid
Because he’s still going to love you even if you don’t have time for a panic shave.

Love is watching a film with less direction than a blow fly, and about as interesting as watching paint dry, but for some reason it makes her cry. And you have no idea why, so you get her tissues and help dry her eyes.

Love is letting the cat walk on your bed
And trying to sleep while it pounces on your head

Love is packing your pockets with toilet paper before you go out overseas
Because she might need to go, and you want to make sure she has everything she needs

Love is when you pick her dirty underwear off the floor
And rinse the stains out because she got her period the night before

Love is gazing with a smile followed by what? Why are you smirking at me that way?
Nothing. I mean you. Everything is good and I was just appreciating, if that’s okay.

Love is finding the cat before rushing out with the fire alarm
And even after getting all scratched up, you manage to stay calm

Love is spending a day at a tech mall even though it wasn’t your call
Love is sharing your meal when you just wanted to scoff it all.

Love is fetching them a drink, even though they were sitting closer to the sink.
Love is getting up in the middle of the night ready to fight intruders because she got a fright, but as you go for the kitchen knife she tells you it’s all right, she just wanted some light.

Love is not saying I told you so, even though I did three times
But you were sure it was fine. And if I told you sos were trophies, they’d be all mine.

But love is not you changing them or them changing you
Love makes you become a better person just because you want to.

Love is accepting her, cats, dogs, birds and being open to all
Love starts with a bag of cat food and ends up as chaos with your heart and home full.
Love is one big family where everyone is welcome within your walls.

– Lari

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