Musings of A Foster Dog: Part 3 of Doggo Series

Part three in my spoken word series written from the perspective of the darling doggos.

I live with a family and I like them a lot
They gave me a bed and a nice little spot
Away from the pound and inside off the streets
And they always give me great food to eat.

But they can’t keep me too long for some reason
They just stepped in and helped me because I was needing
Someone to save me so I could stay alive
They took me in just to help me survive.

So I’m happy for now. I’m thankful to them
But what I really want is my own special friend.
I have so much love that I need to share
So I want someone for whom I can care.

I want to sleep in their bed at night 
So if someone comes in, I can give them a fright.
I want to protect them from all the bad things
I’ll even try to lick away their sad feelings!

So if someone could pick me and give me a chance
You’ll get so much more than you see at first glance.
I’m the best damn doggy you’ll ever find
So when you look past me, just keep that in mind.

I’ll light up your home and your life with my antics
You’ll never regret it because I’m fantastic
I’m such a good dog, even if I need work
I just need someone to love me despite all of my quirks.

So I’ll sit here and wait with my foster family
I’m safe and alive because of their empathy
And when someone takes me and loves me completely
I’ll love them back so sincerely and deeply
Because the love of a dog is surely and certainly
The greatest gift that you’ll treasure because it’s meant for you personally

I know you’re out there somewhere, so please come and find me.
Then I’ll be your best friend for all of eternity.

– Lari

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