Musings Of A Pound Dog – Part 2 of Doggo Series

This poem is for all the dogs that have been abandoned and are currently sitting in pounds. Please keep them in mind when you’re looking for the next addition to your family!

As I sit here and cry, I’m wondering why.
My favourite person left me here to die.
I was so happy when we went for a ride.
I loved going with you when we went outside.

But they’ve told me that you aren’t coming back.
I’m here all alone without my pack.
I’m scared and it’s cold, and where are my toys?
And why are the other dogs making so much noise.

My tail is drooping and my ears won’t stand up
I’m not interested in eating, I’m just a sad pup

People walk past me and I can’t lift my head
I’ve heard that soon I might end up dead!

If no one will come and take me home
I’m going to have to die here alone.
So I’ll just sit and wait for my euthanize date.
I don’t know what I did to deserve such a fate.

But wait, what is this? Someone’s coming through.
My ears prick up slightly when they say, “I like you.”
Then this friendly human comes over to my bed.
And sits down beside me and pats my head.

My tail starts to move and it hits the ground with a slap.
They keep talking to me, so I reply with a yap.

They pick me up and take me outside.
Will anyone want me after being left behind?
They said the word “foster”, and they’re really quite kind

I go home with them, and I’m scared at the start,
But my foster family have a really nice heart.

We laugh and we play, but they say I can’t stay, 
At least I’ve got them and I’m happy for today.
I know they won’t leave me until I find love once more. 
So now I have hope for all the good things in store!

– Lari

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