Musings Of A Street Dog: Part 1 of Doggo Series

I love dogs, so I’m going to write a little series to show how much of a difference a little care can make to the life of a dog in need! Here is part 1 🙂

Dogs are amazing. Let’s show them as much love as they show us! It just takes a little patience to get a big reward ?

They found me one day wandering the streets
With a rumbling stomach, scrounging for eats
They came at me with some delicious treats
But I wasn’t so sure what they wanted with me.

I was scared, so I ran and didn’t look back
What horrible things lay behind this nice snack?
Were they going to come at me with a sneak attack?

Later on, I went back to that spot
And what awesome scrumptious things I got
This was doggy buffet, I’d hit the jackpot!

Next night, same thing, how amazing!
I didn’t have to go rummaging through bins.
They stayed well away, so I wasn’t afraid
I took all the food because I felt really brave.

One month passed, and they never let me down.
I really hoped they’d stick around.
And then the nights started getting so cold.
I felt a bit sick, so I did something bold!

I walked all the way up to them instead
And let them touch the top of my head!
And I was surprised when I didn’t end up dead.

I did a strange thing the following day.
When they went to walk away,
I followed them a little way,
Normally they’d go and I’d just stay.

I couldn’t tell if they were happy or sad
They started to cry, so I felt a bit bad.
I licked their faces and we walked together
And they took me somewhere out of the cold weather

They called it a home, but I think it’s heaven
They gave me a necklace with my name as the heading
And I get fresh food without any begging

I get lots of pats and plenty of cuddles
And my favourite thing is our morning snuggles
Whatever we do, I’m always in the middle.
And now my tail just won’t stop doing the wiggle!

– Lari

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