Fostering a Bichon Frise: JoJo

Fluffy white dog looking happy
AgeApprox 6.5 years
Gender Male
Time Fostered 2 weeks
Breed Bichon Frise

JoJo was gorgeous. It was SO good to get a dog that could fit on my knee. I wasn’t sure how it would go, knowing that neither of us are real fans of fluffy dogs. But I just fell in love. JoJo proved that even little fluffy dogs are still dogs, and dogs rule!

JoJo wearing a Bintang jumper

JoJo’s main issues were dog aggression. He loved his people and was soooooooo sweet. But he HATED other dogs. As soon as he saw another dog on a walk, he went mental. I mean 10/10 nuts. It didn’t matter if the other dog was enormous, JoJo was like, “Hold me back bro, or imma take off his toes!”

Me holding JoJo

The other problem he had was major separation anxiety. Like, anxiety meds level. If we went out, he would just bark nonstop the whole time. So going out for anything, even groceries was super stressful because we knew he’d be barking and annoying the neighbours. And for a small dog, he had a really loud, annoying bark. That was the only reason I decided I couldn’t keep him. Well, that and my partner didn’t feel like it was a manly enough dog for him to be seen out walking.

Me outside petting jojo

JoJo just stole my heart so quickly when we got him though. He would just sit on my knee and stare up at my face with those adorable little eyes of his. It was so hard not to want to keep him forever!

JoJo's face

Normally little dogs get adopted as soon as they come into rescues, because everyone wants a little dog. But JoJo was a special case. He needed to go somewhere with no other pets, and he needed someone who would be home with him all the time. When the day game, I was very sad to see him go. But happy that he had finally found his forever home. It was a mild relief that we could leave the house without stressing again. But I missed him so much, I was upset about it for about two weeks.

joJo with his name on a collar

I even made him a special collar to go with him to his new home. ❤

JoJo and I at the beach

I hope you’re living your best life, JoJo darling!

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