Pack An Empty Suitcase

This poem won me first place in my local poetry slam. It was my second spoken word poem I performed in front of an audience.

Pack an empty suitcase and travel the world, let your mind unfurl
Like a fist that has been clenched for far too long.
Let it all go in order to grow.

Pack an empty suitcase, and venture out the door, see like never before
How much we can gain if we let go of the blame, the hatred and shame.
The labels and derogatory names that inflame and fill us with disdain.

If we close our eyes and open our minds. If we empty our minds and open our hearts
If we leave the prejudice behind, we can open our eyes and see that
You and I are not that far apart.
We are not that different.

Pack an empty suitcase, leave behind the superficial attire that says I am the knight and you are the squire.
Sure, I respect you, but, I will always be higher.
Let’s conspire to rewire, so we stand the same with a unified name. Human.
Realise we are one or we’ll come undone, and before we’ve begun we’ll be on the homerun
And it won’t be a good one.

Pack an empty suitcase, and experience turbulent seas like a refugee,
Where you fearfully float on an isolated boat longing to be free
Add empathy instead of insensitivity.
Import peace, love and kindness, Prohibit this closemindedness
That is burning us down, while we watch them drown and die around us
And we just don’t care, because it’s not us that’s there.

Pack an empty suitcase. Get rid of all the clutter that is making us hold back our tenderness,
Making us attack our neighbours, teachers, children, lovers, friends.
Pack an empty suitcase and leave room for those of every creed and race
Leave the insecurities behind, the fear that is making us blind,
Refuse to be confined by the assumptions. Remind yourself
That we are all defined as mankind, and you will find
Life is better if we decline to transmit profanity, disunity, animosity and vanity.
Antipathy, hostility, bigotry, inequity.
Cast away this history of wars and hold on to a future of open doors.
Pack an empty suitcase because it is the only way that we will make the world a better place.

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