Splash Out Langkawi: Is It Worth It?

We visited the newly opened Splash Out in Kuah, Langkawi, and it was DEFINITELY worth the price. Here’s what we thought about it!

Our experience at Splash Out Langkawi

One of us has absolutely no fear of slides, and one of us feels sick to their stomach thinking about falling endlessly until hitting a pool of water. Naturally, we decided to visit the newly opened Splash Out in Langkawi that has some of the coolest and craziest slides we’ve ever been on.

Morgan and Lari outside Splash Out


Tickets are normally about 75 MYR per foreign adult. It is a little cheaper if you book online beforehand, and even cheaper if you’re a local. As far as Langkawi attractions go, it is pretty pricey. But we’re glad we splashed out and went to this awesomely fun place.

Lockers cost 20 MYR for the day, but we decided to not take anything in with us, so we didn’t need one. You’re also not allowed to take in any food our drinks, but can buy them inside.

Taking the leap

Two easy slides at Splash Out
The two starter slides for all ages

Naturally when I first walked in and saw all the massive slides, I wasn’t sure whether to be excited or throw up. I have a fear of heights, which I think is healthy. It’s not natural to jump from high places, right? So, we decided to start with the easiest slide, the orange and red one in the photo above.

I felt pretty safe considering there was a lifeguard at the top and one at the bottom ready to catch me. But after doing that one, I still wasn’t quite game enough to take the larger rainbow one next to it.

Feeling the fear

I saw a bunch of slides that looked like they would be my pace, so we walked over there excited to try them out. Unfortunately, I am a little over the age of 12, so I wasn’t able to play on that playground.

The children's slide section
The children’s slide section

So, my next best choice was to take the only double person slide, the Poseidon’s Revenge! So, we grabbed a two person tube and walked up a heap of steps. I wasn’t aware when we started climbing that this was the ONLY ride we could take with the two person tube. But once I was up there, I had no choice. I swear, we started with what I considered to be the second scariest, but also the most fun ride in the whole park.

Facing the fear – and our favourite ride

At least with the Poseiden’s Revenge slide, you don’t have to do that thing where you sit at the top of the slide and get ready to go, and then you’re too scared, so you sit there for longer and your heart starts freaking out and you panic a little. With this ride, all you have to do is get in the tube, and before you can think any more, you get pushed off onto the ride.

The Poseiden's Revenge slide, with the massive drop at the front and blue twisting tube at the end
The Poseiden’s Revenge slide, with the massive drop at the front and blue twisting tube at the end

I went on this slide three times, and enjoyed it more each time. The first time, I was too scared to realize or appreciate what was going on. The slide combines a massive drop at the start, with a second part that pushes you uphill with water, and then a dark tunnel that goes around and around and around and has lights inside. It’s actually really fun.

The first time though, I was so scared that my legs were shaking and I fell over a few times after getting out of the water. But after sitting down for a bit and laughing at myself, I was ready to tackle the next slide.

Overcoming the fear

Next, we headed to one of the four person rides, the Perfect Storm. This ride was actually the most scary in my opinion. I was really scared. I screamed a lot on this one. I probably should have gone on it again because I think it would be less scary the second time, but there were long lines and we really wanted to test out all the slides.

The Perfect Storm slide
The Perfect Storm slide

On this slide, you sit with three or four people in a round donut and you get pushed into the slide tunnel. You do what feels like a big drop into the half moon shaped thing and you go up and down until you exit via another tunnel. They’re super fun and super scary. I wasn’t yet ready to try the red and yellow one next to it because that looked so scary (actually it was less scary when I finally did it).

Splashing Out

Next we went back and tried the three single person slides, which were also super fun. I started with the open orange and white slide, which was just like a normal large water slide. Fun.

The whole jumble of single and double person slides
The whole jumble of single and double person slides

Next, I took the one next to it that is partly open and part tunnel. I’m glad I did that one next before doing the full tunnel one because I wasn’t expecting the tunnels to be so dark. It was literally pitch black in there, which was a really weird, erie, awesome feeling. There were parts with colored lights inside, which was really cool, and came just at the part where I was about to panic. So that was good.

And finally, I tried the top fully closed in single person slide, which was great. I like the strange feeling of not being able to see where you’re sliding. Even though you know what the slide looks like from the outside, you have no idea where you’re going when you’re inside a pitch black slide. So glad there’s sections with colored lights inside it too!

Wave pool

We decided to give our legs a break from stair climbing and took a dip in the wave pool.

The wave pool
The wave pool

The waves happen every hour, but they’re pretty tame if you’re used to swimming at the beach in waves. Regardless, it’s a nice place to float around for a bit in a single or double tube together.

I think the waves are scary and exciting enough for small children though. We had to rescue a little girl who was staring at us with a terrified expression. I asked her if she was okay and if she needed help, and she just continued staring with terrified eyes. I pointed her out to my partner, and we both stared at her and she stared back. I figured she mustn’t speak English, and I didn’t know if she was enjoying the terror or if she wanted to go in. So, I pointed to shore and she nodded. So we both jumped out of our tubes and pushed her in. As soon as her feet hit the ground, she was all smiles again. Mission accomplished.

Note that if you’re going to jump out of your tube to help a small child, take your tube with you because when I turned around again after pushing her back to shore, my tube was gone.

Energized to try the other rides

By now, I was feeling brave enough to try what was supposedly the scariest ride, but I now think it’s probably the third scariest. It looks scary, but it doesn’t feel as scary as some of the others once you’ve done it. It’s super fun, so definitely don’t miss it if you go.

Another scary four person ride in the park

I actually almost didn’t do this ride. I had a moment where I got up there, and then walked back down, abandoning my poor four person party. Then I got the courage again and climbed sheepishly back up all the steps, much to the amusement of all the staff, who had a good laugh.

I’m the sort of person who can enjoy a slide and get off it no worries, and then be just as scared to go on it a second time as I was the first time! So if I can do it, you can too!

And more…

The racer slide next to the River of Life and all the other slides above
The racer slide next to the River of Life and all the other slides above

There was also the racer slide, which is the red and white one that you go down face first, and the floating lake thing, which we named love lane, but I think it’s called the River of Life or something like that.

The start of the Love Lane or River of Life
The start of the Love Lane or River of Life

This is really chill and relaxing. You can choose to float in a single person or double person tube. We took the double and relaxed together for the whole trip around. You can also stand on top of any of the bridges and spray people as they go underneath, which is quite fun too. And the people don’t seem to mind, usually.

There’s also a shaded kiddy area, which we walked through of course. But be careful not to step on kiddies.

Shaded kiddy playground
Shaded kiddy playground

Other thoughts

We thought Splash Out was super fun and definitely worth the money. We leave Langkawi soon, but if it was a little more in our budget, we’d definitely visit again! Overall, it’s worth going if you’re like me and terrified of slides or if you’re like my partner and have no fear at all. There’s fun for all ages and people of all sliding scaredness levels.

The park feels extremely safe, even if some of the rides are a little scary. There are lifeguards/staff everywhere, at the top and bottom of all slides. There’s even a very professional, slightly bored looking first aid guy standing around waiting to jump into action.

On the topic of clothing: Normally I’d just wear my bikini when swimming, but I chose to wear a pair of swimming shorts and a T-shirt, and my partner chose to wear a full sleeve swimming top. Apart from being better protection from the sun, you also stand out a lot less if you’re more covered up. We found that 99% of the people here were Malay/Muslim and were completely covered. There’s no pressure to be covered up, but if you don’t want to stand out and get crazily sunburnt in the process, it’s worth considering wearing more protective clothing. Time flies when you’re splashing out, and we certainly spent a long time in the sun!

On the other hand, keep in mind that the more clothing you wear, the slower you’ll go on the body slides because your clothes will slow you down. But no matter what you wear, it’s all great fun!

We’ve heard there’s an even bigger water park in Penang, so we’ll have to check that out next time!

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