Thank You Langkawi!

We met some of the most lovely and kind people while in Langkawi, so I had to write a thank you post.

We didn’t ask for or expect any of these things, but we are so grateful!

Lari smiling with a paper flower

To the local man who paid for our meal, thank you! You might not have had much to give, and you probably didn’t realise that we were having a terrible day because Morgan’s computer had just died and we were lost at what to do. But you helped us look on the bright side. 🍛☕

Lari holding a paper flower

To the people who made us feel so welcome even though we probably looked and sounded like dumb tourists and didn’t dress the way you do. Thank you! 🏝️

Lari and Morgan sitting in a boat

To the man who gave us a free iced tea, you didn’t know, but that was the day my grandfather passed away and your kindness was so special. Thank you. 🥤

Banana pancake and coffee
Banana pancake and coffee

To the lady and man who gave us a little bit of extra coffee in our thermos each day – that’s the reason we kept coming back!

Man making coffee in our thermos

To the lady who gave us an extra donut when we went back to buy more because we flew over a bump on our moped and dropped the last one. Thank you! 🍩

Fresh fluffy donuts
Fresh fluffy donuts

To the people who smiled at us every day. It doesn’t take much to give a smile, but it can mean so much to someone else. You made us feel so welcome. Thank you. 😁

Lari and Morgan smiling with hats on

To the locals leaving out food and water for the cats. And to those who are finding them homes, and especially to those who are getting them neutered. Thank you. 🐱

Getting a kitten off the road
Getting a kitten off the road

To the man who stopped to help us when monkeys were surrounding our moped, thank you! 🙈

Monkeys preening each other

To the lady who reached out to us just for a catch up and to the lady who invited us on a tour to teach us more about ecotourism, thank you. ✌️

Us on kayaks in the river

To the locals who didn’t charge us to diagnose our laptop when it died, thank you! 😭💻

Beautiful sunset in Langkawi

To the friendly bartender who gave us a little extra, we don’t want to get you in trouble, but thank you! That’s why we keep coming back 😋 🍻

The Flo bar in the evening

To the locals and expats who are trying so hard to care for the dogs of Langkawi, I have so much respect for you. I know it’s not easy, but you’re doing a good job. Thank you from the doggos and the bottom of my heart. ♥️🐕

There are good people everywhere, but in Langkawi we’ve experienced such overwhelming kindness in such a short period of time.

To all the locals who assumed I was also a local and spoke Malay to me – unfortunately I’m not! But thank you for understanding that I don’t speak your language 😅

Sometimes people can be a bit fearful traveling to different places and interacting with different cultures. But we have found the locals here to be very understanding and accepting.

Being what some would call a ‘mixed couple’, but we like to call a, ‘super happy awesome Oreo Mocha blend,’ we’ve got some interesting comments on our travels. Sure, we still got a few stares/glares/odd questions from time to time, but mostly the locals here made us feel so welcome.

And finally, thank you to all the lovely people I’ve missed in this post who helped make Langkawi our favourite place so far.✌️🙏🤝

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