The Lily – In Loving Memory

I wrote this poem in memory of my beautiful Mum, taken far too soon. She will always live on as long as I do. The background music was also written and played for her by me.

This is a lily, a symbol of remembrance,
I hold it today for those whose presence
Is felt, flying high and serene,
They come to us whispering softly unseen
And here in our hearts we feel them.

This is a lily soft and white
That gives sweetest fragrance
Under the moonlight
Where I see you
In the twinkling stars
Reminding me of the days that were ours.

Through the hug of a friend
I feel your touch
But though it’s nice
It’s never enough
Because they aren’t you
And I miss you so much.
And when I grieve
I mourn alone
Because every time I pick up the phone
I dial your number
And you are not home.

Please forgive me the days
When my world turns to grey,
There are moments without you
When I just feel this way.

But I know if you could
I would hear you say,
Though the hours are long,
Stay strong.
And I will visit you
In the bird song at dawn
I will be that cheerful willy-wag tail
On the lawn.
And all around you, you will see
Nature’s beauty and think of me.
And in the morning sunrise so bright
And when sunset dims the last light
And even in the dark of the night
I will come to you in your dreams
And when you are all cracked and torn
I will be your Vaseline.
And when you are all tired and worn
I will be your coffee bean
And when your fire is burning dim
I will be your kerosene

This is a lily, beautiful and pure
I’m holding it high for the one I adore
Cancer took you away from me
But it cannot take precious memories
You come to me in familiar places
I see your laughter in stranger’s faces
Tendrils of fragrance carry your embraces

And as you’re flying high and free
I’ll remember you fighting courageously
And how you were
Always stronger than me
And withstood it all so gracefully
Just like the beautiful lily

And though my memories may fade
And though my body may fall apart
I’ve planted a flower within my heart
And that’s where you’ll forever be
Even if nobody sees but me

And so I will hold this lily high
For you, Mum
Until the day I die.
And we meet again beyond the sky.

– Lari

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