The One Thing You Should NEVER Say About Adoption

My first short podcast, which involves me ranting about topics for under 10 minutes at a time.

Click above to listen to the whole thing, it’s only 4 minutes. But here’s some of my favourite quotes from yours truly.

People like to think that you need to be having kids soon, and while I like goats, my house is waaaay too small to have baby goats running around.

A lot of people have pets, right? And I’m not in any way saying children are like pets. Pets are way nicer and less annoying.

We all manage to love our dogs or cats and talk to them like they’re our babies. I’ve never heard a pet owner reminding their pet to be grateful because they could be living on the streets with no money and maybe turning to prostitution or selling drugs if not for you saving them. So, if we can manage to love our pets and view them as our pets, surely we can love a child that we didn’t give birth to and view it as our child or our family.

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