The Wonderful People Of Langkawi: Sharing Their Stories

We met some of the sweetest, kindest people while staying in Langkawi. We really hope to be back and visit them all again one day. But for now, here’s some of the lovely locals we met who found a little place in our hearts.


Us and Chod
Us and Chod

Chod is an amazing and hardworking man who has many skills! Not only is he a great cook who makes delicious fluffy pancakes, he also is a skilled carpenter! Chod puts a lot of effort into both the taste and the presentation of his food.

Banana pancake and coffee
Banana pancake and coffee made by Chod

Chod has hand made his whole cafe and pretty much every wooden decoration you there at The Armani Food Garden. We were in awe looking at all of it and asked him lots of questions because we noticed new things each time we went there.

Wooden decorations made by Chod
Wooden decorations made by Chod

Chod is very sweet and a little shy, but he seemed pleased that we noticed and appreciated all the hard work he’s put in to decorate his cafe. He was happy to answer all our questions and tell us more about the things he’s made.

We’re also amazed that he manages to do so much for one person. He takes orders, makes ALL the dishes on the menu, and even makes the drinks when his one staff member is busy.

Wooden gate on a double way hinge
We think this gate is amazing, and it’s on hinges to swing both ways!

He’s great at multi-tasking and manages to get all the food out in reasonable time and still at very high quality, even when he’s busy. Chod’s cafe is open in the mornings until 1:00 PM because he is a working dad and has to leave at 1:00 to pick up his children from school and spend time with them. We really admire his hard work and skill.


Us and Maslin
Us and Maslin

Maslin is a lovely kind lady who sells nasi lemak and chicken rendang from a tiny little stall outside her house for 2 MYR in the mornings. She’s located a little further down the road from the Armani Food Garden.

She was kind enough to give us a cooking lesson, which we really appreciated. She even put in so much effort to prepare and lay out all the ingredients for us beforehand.

Some of the ingredients laid out by the lovely Maslin

Maslin’s husband is quite sick and in a lot of pain. She said that his pain is so bad that he needs medication daily. She also has arthritis in her hands, but she has to cook every day to make some money for them.

She also has two cats that she looks after and feeds. We calculated that she has to sell at least 15 meals each day just to make back the cost of the ingredients with no profit. Maslin is so sweet and we admire the effort she puts in each day and enjoy the delicious food she makes.


Us and Ina at her food truck
Us and Ina at her food truck

Ina is a beautiful woman who makes and sells a heap of curries and vegetables and rice at the Food Truck Street after 8PM most evenings.

She cooks for 5-6 hours each day to make all this food. Ina and her son come and set up the food truck and sell delicious food.

Ina was so friendly and smiley every time we saw her. She’s a lovely lady and her son is very dedicated to be there helping her each night.

Staff at Bella Restaurant

Us and some of the Bella restaurant staff
Us and some of the Bella restaurant staff

There’s too many for us to name, but all the staff at Bella Restaurant were so friendly and greeted us with big smiles.

They’re all family and friends that work there, and they seem to manage to keep cheery and have fun together even when it’s super busy and stressful in the restaurant.

We ate there enough to observe a few playful and happy moments between them, and we really enjoy seeing other people being happy. It makes us happy too!

They aren’t in this photo, but we met the owner, Zili, his wife Nani, and their daughters, Bella and Niesha, as well as many other friendly staff members, including Teh, Aqila, Toh, Mimi, and Ram. Kok, the chef, was super busy, so we didn’t get the opportunity to talk much with him. And there were other staff members that we shared smiles with, but didn’t get to speak to because Bella Restaurant is very popular and busy during the day!


Us and Maria at her Thai stall
Us and Maria at her Thai food stall

Maria works for Chod making the drinks, but she’s also started up her own little Thai restaurant, which sells delicious food at night.

She’s is very friendly and laughs a lot. She has a very infectious laugh and you can’t help laughing when you hear her. She’s very cute and friendly and makes delicious Pad Thai.

Maria only sleeps for five hours every night. We love how cheery and friendly Maria is every time we see her.


Us with Addy, the big boss of Rainbow Lodge

Addy is the boss at the place where we stayed for two months. He is a really nice guy and easy to talk to. Any issues we had, he solved them straight away. He’s really honest and looked after us so well. He is well-respected and loved amongst his staff who all told us he’s a good and kind man.

Us with Hafiz and Fiza who work for Addy

Addy has a really kind face, so I believe this staff about that. Nothing is too much for him. He also laughs and smiles a lot, which is nice. We’d definitely recommend his place, The Rainbow Lodge, as a place to stay if you’re a budget traveller. You can also rent scooters there for a decent price, and they are really helpful if you run into any trouble with your scooter.

Us and Chief at the Rainbow Lodge
Us and Chief who works at the Rainbow Lodge who gave us lots of helpful advice about places to eat and things to see. His food recommendations were on point.

Being a Malay of Sri Lankan and Chinese descent, Addy can speak many languages and is very kind to people of all cultures and walks of life.

Ali and Kumar

Us with Kumar and Ali
Us with Kumar and Ali

During our time, we also met two friends, Ali from Pakistan and Kumar from India. They are both working very hard in Langkawi, but only on temporary work visas. They both told us that there isn’t much work in their home countries, so they had to look for work elsewhere.

They also told us that there is some terrible conflict going on between India and Pakistan over the region of Kashmir. They said that the local Indian and Pakistanis think each other are good, but the governments keep saying the other side is bad.

They also said that if you speak to any local on either side, they will say let the other side just live in Kashmir, but the governments won’t have it. So, that is why there is all this fighting there. They said this war has been happening for many years. Every day war, and every day people are dying on both sides, and terrible crimes like rape and torture are being committed. And still, nobody is getting anywhere.

Both of these men work extremely hard and long hours in Langkawi every day. Their countries are at war, but they are friends and they see no borders and no differences, and they don’t judge each other based on where they’re from. I wish we could all be this way.

They are both lovely men who miss their home countries, but have had to leave in order to survive and earn a living. I hope they find peace and happiness in the future. And I hope their governments can be more like them and see the good in each other, instead of war and violations of human rights.


Us and Don from Kuala Lumpur

Don is not from Langkawi, but he is Malaysian. He visits a lot from his home in Kuala Lumpur. He is super friendly and kind. Don loves to share and organize things for people. He organized a very special New Year’s Eve party for us, which we really enjoyed.

Us and Don and another tourist on New Year’s Eve 2019

Don likes to take other tourists under his wing and look after them. You can often see him sitting outside his room with a tourist and buying them lunch or dinner. He is extremely generous and loves to talk to people and meet people.


Us and Wan at Sushi King

We didn’t get to know Wan because he was always so busy working. But we really grew to like him because he smiled and laughed so much. He told us about happy hour at Sushi King when you get 20% off all sushi, so we visited multiple times, as well as during the Bonanza when all plates were 3 MYR each.

Wan always smiled a lot, and we really like smiles, so we thought he would make a great friend. Maybe we can get to know him better and learn a bit more of his story next time we visit Langkawi!

And everybody else!

We also met so many other wonderful people. You can read about some of them in my post Thank You Langkawi.

There was the guy who stopped his job at the car wash to direct us to the only open mechanic when our scooter got a flat tire on a Friday evening. We didn’t get his name or a photo, but he saved our day!

There was the mechanic who spent two hours fixing our scooter and making sure it was safe to ride. He was super nice and honest, telling us what he was doing at every step.

The list just goes on and on. If you’re a tourist here, I highly recommend taking some time to talk to and appreciate the locals and the hard work they do every day to bring you some of the most delicious food ever. They’re some of the kindest and sweetest people we’ve ever met.

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