There Are A Thousand Ways To Be A Mother: Mother’s Day 2021

This is a poem dedicated to all the beautiful women out there who are mothers to many in their own ways.

There are a thousand ways to be a mum.
This poem is to remind you there isn’t just one.
Motherhood is not simply giving birth,
Because a womb does not equal a mother’s worth.
It’s there in a bear hug and a warm smile,
It’s there when you make someone else feel worthwhile,
It’s there in time given and things that you do,
For those around who look up to you.

There are a thousand ways to be a mother.
Every time you’ve shown love for another,
Every time you’ve noticed someone in need,
In those moments when you’ve done a good deed.
In every loving phone call you’ve made,
In all the casseroles and jars of marmalade. 

There are a thousand ways to be a mother,
One is not more or less than the other.
Every message you’ve sent with care,
Every kind word of advice you’ve shared.
And each time you’ve simply just been there.
Every time you’ve offered a shoulder to cry on
To someone else who needed one.

There are a thousand ways to be a mother,
Whether through childbirth, adoption or foster
Every living being you’ve fed,
Every human and animal you’ve tucked into bed.
All the moments you cared and each journey you shared
That changed the course of the life of another,
Those are the ways you’ve been a mother.

When you let a stranger into your hearts.
In that moment a sort of motherhood starts.
In all the ways you’ve been a help to others,
Your compassion is what makes all of you mothers.

So this is just a small thank you,
To all of you out there who’ve been a mum too.
Perhaps it’s not in the conventional way,
But I just wanted to write this to say,
Thanks for every loving thing you’ve done,
For all your worldwide daughters and sons,

To all the aunties, neighbours, friends, and community mums,
We just want to thank you for having been one.
Because there are a thousand ways to be a mother,
And you’ve been that for us in one way or another.

Happy Mother’s Day!

– Lari 2021

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